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Video Games: The Movie; The Review

This was an interesting documentary. It’s more about the technical aspect of how video games began and were they are going. There’s plenty of nostalgia from big name game creators. I have some great memories of the beginnings of the Nintendo era. I wasn’t as into it as others. I grew up an only child so I spent as much time outside as possible and played most games over at a friend’s house. What I like about video games is the stories. they create entire worlds that they allow us to play in. They allow us to interact in a way that movies and music cannot do.

There’s been a debate questioning if video games are art. I don’t see how they aren’t they combine engrossing stories, amazing musical scores and visuals that rival the biggest summer blockbuster. What is art is subjective but if Jackson Pollock is considered art, video games are art. Watch clips from “Last of Us” and tell me there’s no art.

They lightly touch upon licensed games that were and still are produced just to cash in on a popular movie. There was a time where every big action movie had a game based on it . Either the game was released around the same time as the movie or very shortly after. Even non action films received games. The most famous example of this is the E.T. game for the Atari system that had just little over a month production time and was so bad that it and many other poor selling games were buried in the New Mexican desert

It’s like The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults but with a pay off

Not an urban legend


They covered Nintendo and Playstation fairly . How they were weren’t video game consoles; they were entertainment systems.  How people wanted to play as characters like Mario.  Many of the biggest games you pay as someone and not something like games of the past like “Space Invaders” or “Pong”.

I don’t think they did enough with the coverage of the rise of the ESRB and congressional hearing on violence in video games and how they are always the scapegoat whenever someone commits a violent public act. There was a great quotation asking why is it that many other nations play the same games yet don’t have half of the acts that are blamed on the medium.

I feel they also missed the mark when addressing women and gaming . From the number of female protagonist to women in creative roles. This is something that’s becoming bigger as more people speak out but for many years all we saw of women in games were the damsel in distress. There have been a few but the are easily outnumbered by their male counterparts. There are plenty of games that changing the gender wouldn’t impact the gameplay or story in any significant way. The latest excuse for the new Assassins Creed game was that it would take more time to animate a female. Which is complete bull shit since not all women a particular way. Hell in some parts of the world women pretend to be boy and men not to get killed or to go to school   In fact Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d’Armont was put to death for the assassination of a journalist during the French Revolution. 

That being said Video Games: The Movie was entertain and informative enough for those who know little but really like playing games. If you’re a real hardcore gamer you would appreciate some of the interviews they had, and wish they went on longer. I say see it and support it so more documentaries about video games area seen by the general public.

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