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The TV news “arms race”

I’ve noticed this over the past years. Kiran Chetry probably has more stories about working at Fox News than she was willing to share. I’m not going to deny that I do “check out” female anchors. I don’t give the words the say any more or less weight. I’ve had a crush on Ashley Banfield that awkwardly began when I watched her coverage during the 9/11 attacks.

Reliable Sources

Cleavage, bare arms and short skirts; Kiran Chetry and Judy Woodruff on how and why female news anchors’ outfits have changed in recent years.

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CW’s The Flash sneak peak

CW’s The Flash sneak peak

This looks amazing. I’ve been a fan of the Flash since I was a little boy. I grew up with Wally West who was the second Flash, nephew of  Barry Allen. This is about Barry, a police scientist (CSI) who after a freak accident becomes the fastest man alive. From this preview it seems that it gives not only an explanation of how Barry acquired his powers but how other meta-humans are created. It’s a very inventive way of introducing super powers and reminds me of the meteor freaks from CW’s other DC series, Smallville.

John Wesley Shipp as the Flash

John Wesley Shipp as the Flash

This isn’t  the first time that The Flash has been on TV. In the 90s CBS aired a series starting John Wesley Shipp. He’s best known as the father from Dawson’s Creek. In the upcoming version he plays Barry’s father who’s wrongly imprisoned for the death of Barry’s mother. This appears to be the overarching plot that binds the series. It’s also interesting that  in both series his costume is practical as it’s  a suit that allows him to negate the effects of moving at high velocities. I’m speculating that the flash bolts on the new costume are communications devices.

The Flash has a very interesting Rogue’s gallery. There names and methods are very comic book like. Names like Captain Cold, Mirror Master, The Pied Piper, and others.  In the sneak peek it looks like an interpretation of another villain, Weather Wizard. In fact the yellow blur seems to be Professor Zoom also known as the Reverse Flash. He’s the worse of the Flash’s rogues gallery. He’s a murderer who has attempted to frame The Flash in the past. If he’s the true Professor Zoom he’s from the future that opens the possibility another villain Abra Kadabra and the cosmic treadmill, which allows The Flash to travel through time. What I find interesting is that the yellow blur seems to drop off younger Barry away from the scene of his mothers death.

Whatever they do with the track record of the CW this will be another hit and I really look to it’s debut this fall.

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Spike Lee to adapt ‘She’s Gotta Have it’ into TV series for Showtime

Spike Lee to adapt ‘She’s Gotta Have it’ into TV series for Showtime

In theory this could be really great. Having a pay cable network pick it up gives it some room to address things head on without having to edit for advertisers or the FCC.

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Official Extended Trailer for GOTHAM coming fall 2014 to FOX

 This is the first look I’ve had at the new series about the infamous home of Batman. Gotham City. This is the story of young Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne as a child. There’s a chance for the writers to create their own story while staying firmly within the known realms that most people are familiar with. I wonder how vague they will keep what state it’s located it. First and foremost I’m wary of Fox broadcasting. They are infamous for killing great shows and greenlighting weak ones. I’m hoping with the hype of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” and the strong freshman season of “Arrow” this will get the treatment it deserves. There’s potential for creating its own story since there’s few well-known stories about young Bruce Wayne, Gordon, and Gotham. I hope they take chances and don’t just go for the known villains they can make up their own who came to power and were gone well before Batman came into being. With Bruce Wayne being so young we can get a better understanding of how and why he becomes the Bat.The desire to clean up the streets should be a slow burn.

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View on Movies vs TV series.

Stories are meant to be told and then the viewer moves on. Movies complete the tale in one setting. Yes there are exceptions like Lord of the Rings, Matrix and the Bourne series to name a few modern examples. For the most part a movie gives you the world, characters, plot and conclusion all in one. The modern TV serial one has to wait sometimes years to know why something happened in episode fourteen of season two.

Tv series use commercial breaks to heighten tension drama or suspense. With premium cable channels they hook you to the point where right when things get good it’s the end of the episode.  It’s nice to look forward to the next instalment, but in his hyper connected world one has to go out of their way to avoid spoilers. If you miss just one episode you have to stay away from almost all forms of social media.

With movies there’s the ad campaigns that occur with larger realises that can and many times do give away plot points. Many films have been ruined for my by just seeing a scene in the trailer. I then know the entire time that it’s not over until X happens.

A big difference between the two is the amount of time invested. No one knows how long most TV series are going to last. Some have clear defined stories that have to be told but can and are stretched out to make more money. With a movie you know when setting down how long the story will take There’s a run time that you can check before hand. You don’t have to worry about a particular cast member getting written out for either legal reasons, contract disputes or dislike from other fans.

Many great shows have good pilots and premises. It seems that many have a beginning middle and end but then don’t have the episode by episode details worked out, which leads to stale instalments and sometimes entire season.  Sometimes they have great a great first but then  fall off due to writers and show runner disputes, changing production companies or sometimes time slots. .

I understand the deeper connection to characters that can be in TV series vs movies. People can really come to care for the cast or particular character. You can grow and really create a deep bond, which then comes to an end. Once can see a great film with larger than life characters but once it’s over that’s it. You don’t invest time into a series and have it either cancelled without a conclusion, suffer through a bad season or two, or worst yet having it fall off and become less of a show. There are many series that get endings/finales that are such a let down after a huge build up is that years after fans are still divided.

I’m not knocking TV series and there a a few that I’ve enjoyed and currently watch but I don’t put too much into them because like any other work of fiction it has to end eventually.


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