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Official Extended Trailer for GOTHAM coming fall 2014 to FOX

┬áThis is the first look I’ve had at the new series about the infamous home of Batman. Gotham City. This is the story of young Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne as a child. There’s a chance for the writers to create their own story while staying firmly within the known realms that most people are familiar with. I wonder how vague they will keep what state it’s located it. First and foremost I’m wary of Fox broadcasting. They are infamous for killing great shows and greenlighting weak ones. I’m hoping with the hype of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” and the strong freshman season of “Arrow” this will get the treatment it deserves. There’s potential for creating its own story since there’s few well-known stories about young Bruce Wayne, Gordon, and Gotham. I hope they take chances and don’t just go for the known villains they can make up their own who came to power and were gone well before Batman came into being. With Bruce Wayne being so young we can get a better understanding of how and why he becomes the Bat.The desire to clean up the streets should be a slow burn.

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