Is the proof in the pudding?

19 Nov

I didn’t want to address the Bill Cosby rape allegation scandal but it’s part of a larger discussion needs to be had. I’m personally making a choice not to use names in this post since I’d prefer for people to pay attention to the words and not the feeling behind the name. I feel that any time we use names outside of identifying who we are talking about it causes them it (the people) to trend and makes it about them and not the larger issue.

For better or worse we have to deal with out US legal system. That is where we are to assign guilt. It’s not always possible they don’t always get it right but that’s the system we have.Just because he’s settled out of court before the civil case went to trial doesn’t make him guilty. However if someone has multiple accusations of rape over a number of years that seem quite consistent in the way it’s carried out there’s some reason for concern. These accusations were also made in a time where detailed information wasn’t as easily available for possible corroboration.

I can see the potential multiple instances of a young woman/women being raped, wanting to tell someone and either not having the courage because of the transgressors star power or being dismissed when telling someone because the other person was unwilling to listen or believe.

Much like the former Clippers owner all of this information was a matter of public record for years. We collectively have very short memories and news cycle is ever-changing. 8 years ago this was a national news story. The difference is there weren’t many people on YouTube to view the a comedian reference it in a routine. There’s a case to be made if it would have been uploaded in the first place since fewer people had camera on their phones.

There wasn’t a social media like we have today for people to carry on a discussion. The era of sweeping things under the rug is gone. That’s a bad and good thing. For someone who’s innocent they can be tried in the court of public opinion and the facts can be lost. For others, they are given a place to air grievances when the justice system fails and bring attention to issues and information others may not have.

Does this taint my view on the accused, no. But that’s because it’s not the first I’ve heard of this. I’m not going to grab a pitchfork anytime soon. I’d rather focus on ways to reform what went wrong rather than just pile on one specific situation. First, stop questioning women if they were raped. If someone goes to the police and say they were robbed they aren’t questioned if they are sure because they don’t have wounds.  Next, self defense during an attack should be taught be a reputable source not a reporter (Looking at you Don Lemon). There has been a call to reform the rape kit processing system. The stories of the backlog are deplorable. . Finally, there needs to be an overhaul of training for all those responsible, from responding officers to prosecutors.

I suggest we take this as a lesson that no one is above reproach and we shouldn’t be quick to dismiss claims nor should jump to conclusions.

I will leave with this 1969 route where Cosby has a bit that with all that has been reveled seems to have shady undertones.

So what do you think?

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