Broken Tail Light

14 Jul

I came across the following PSA about the life of undocumented immigrants. Supposedly the message is  something as innocent as a broken tail light can have long-lasting consequences.

There’s just a few issues with this PSA. First, why isn’t that child in a child safety seat or at least have on a seatbelt? That’s just poor directing. An officer would have given her a citation for that. Depending on the jurisdiction she may have to have a child restraint system. If you’re going to do a PSA about traffic violations you should make sure that you have the basic bases covered. Secondly driving is a privilege not right. People don’t get to drive without a license. There’s no excuse on this. There are plenty of people who don’t have access to a car. Driving a car requires a license, insurance (where applicable), and the vehicle registration. Finally, if she doesn’t have a photo ID  the officer is going to detain her until she can prove her identity. That’s not an immigration status thing, that’s doing his job. She could be wanted for taking that child. He has no way to corroborate who she is.

I’m sympathetic to the immigration issue. I understand that there are some laws that are impossible to follow since the current state of the immigration system is broken. I get that. There are examples of people who are on foot profiled and then detained because they don’t have ID. That’s different. You don’t have to have ID to walk. This PSA misses the mark since her lack of  paperwork isn’t about her immigration status, it’s about her legal status to drive the car.


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Posted by on July 14, 2014 in Viewpoints


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