The Decision 2 : Coming back to you.

12 Jul

The Return of the King

I’ve never been a fan of LeBron. I respect his skills and he’s one of the best player currently in the game. He seems to be a good guy. I was and still am turned off by him due to the over saturation of the coverage he gets especially on ESPN (so thankful for Fox Sports 1). I wasn’t up in arms when he made “The Decision”. Didn’t watch didn’t care. I was a terrible way to make the announcement and I did begin to root against him a little.  It didn’t help that many of his new teammates in Miami I didn’t care for. They did become a team to “hate”.

I get moving to further your career and chase the ring. I’m more of a team fan loyalist. Some of my favorite players;  Stockton, Isiah Thomas, Reggie Miller and David Robinson all played for one team. The Heat won games. They did under some suspect flops and favorable calls by the refs. I never liked to join in on the piling on of the personal attacks and insults about hairlines or if the Heat had a dinosaur playing for them.I will admit some of those memes were funny as hell.

That being said I’m happy that he’s going back to Cleveland. It’s not just his hometown but the city needs it. They have been a running joke for years. Don’t have much luck with sports but they at least aren’t Detroit  They picked up Johnny Football and while he hasn’t played a single game he’s a draw for the city and will put bodies in the stadium and will help the transition to the NBA season. They might make it insufferable to watch ESPN but only time will tell.

As of this writing I don’t know if the #1 over all pick Andrew Wiggins will remain with the Cavs but he may be used in a trade to get Kevin Love. Love is one of the best Power Forwards who’s already expressed an interest in playing with Lebron.

Beyond the on court possibilities, LeBron’s wife is pregnant with their third child. I truly do believe that he wanted to take his family back home and win at home. In other words the “King”…..


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