RG3: ‘It’s just not the time’ to talk about Redskins name

23 Jun
RG3: ‘It’s just not the time’ to talk about Redskins name

I had already resolved to no longer root for the Redskins while Daniel Snyder was the owner. I recall Robert Griffin III saying in the past that he wasn’t for the name change when it was brought up in the past. This latest comment is just infurrating. To say that “it’s just not the time” is a bunch of crap. It’s the middle of the summer the season hasn’t started yet. I dont’ think that just because he’s a Black man he has to speak up. I believe because he’s a Black man playing for a team with a history of racism he should speak up.

I get that as a player one has to watch what’s said because things behind the scenes. However being that he’s the star QB for the team he has a larger platform and if there was any backlash he would have the public on his side.

Like in the past the lack of people in power and fame keeping quiet about issues like this is why they continue.

For The Win

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The National Congress of American Indians and the Oneida Indian Nation recently sent letters to NFL players urging them to speak out against the Washington team name. Some have. Robert Griffin III isn’t one of them.

The star Washington quarterback was on 106.7 The Fan, a sports radio station in Washington, when he was asked whether he feels he has a chance to be the Muhammad Ali of his generation by speaking out on the issue.

His answer floated like a butterfly, but did not sting like a bee.

“When it comes to those conversations, it’s just not the time,” Griffin said. “And I understand, trust me, I’m African American, I’ve grown up being African American my entire life and I understand oppression and all the things that come with it. But for us, like I said, as players, we have to control what we…

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