The Origins of Slender Man, the Meme That Allegedly Drove 12-Year-Olds to Kill

03 Jun
The Origins of Slender Man, the Meme That Allegedly Drove 12-Year-Olds to Kill

I’ve know about this character for a while. I saw someone dressed as him for Halloween a few years back. I don’t even get the appeal. I guess the lack of facial features make him menacing. That being said these girls were diluted from the beginning. He doesn’t have followers nor asks for sacrifices. These girls need help. I’m not sure if charging them as adults is the best option. These girls are only 12 in ten years they will be only 22. Do I think they need to be incarcerated sure but they also need to be not just the error of their ways but given a chance if possible to live a normal life.


A pair of 12-year-old girls allegedly tried to stab their friend to death Saturday, apparently to prove their loyalty to an Internet urban legend known as “Slender Man.” Following Monday’s initial court proceedings, in which one of the accusers conceded her actions were “probably wrong,” many people have been left wondering about the Internet meme that led two girls to attempt to kill their friend.

Slender Man is an urban legend who was born and bred on the Internet. The thin and faceless figure was first created by Eric Knudsen — better known by his online persona Victor Surge — in 2009, according to web culture database Know Your Meme. Knudsen concocted the character as part of a “paranormal pictures” photoshop contest hosted on The Something Awful forums.

Knudsen and others who embraced the Slender Man mythology crafted it as a mysterious, suited creature with a lanky…

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