Google Fiber: we don’t charge for peering, don’t have fast lanes

22 May
Google Fiber: we don’t charge for peering, don’t have fast lanes

Google Fiber is the most promising ISP. Slowly rolling out across the country. It provides incredible speeds and the cost is low. The additional benefits are amazing. It allows one to record eight TV programs at the same time with two terabytes of storage. They also give another terabyte of cloud storage to use for other Google products.


Google (S GOOG) used its Google Fiber internet access business Wednesday to chime in on the continuing debate around peering and internet fast lanes, and guess what: the company doesn’t use either. Fiber, which is slowly expanding its footprint, doesn’t have “any deals to prioritize (some content companies’) video ‘packets’ over others or otherwise discriminate among Internet traffic,” according to a blog post published Wednesday afternoon.

Google also said it doesn’t charge for peering, and instead invites content providers and content delivery networks to colocate within their facilities to get their content closer to the end user. Google identified Akamai and Netflix as two companies that make use of colocation; Netflix has for some time tried to partner with ISPs and place its own OpenConnect caching appliances within the ISPs’ networks.

From the blog post:

“We also don’t charge because it’s really a win-win-win situation. It’s good for content providers because they…

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