CW’s The Flash sneak peak

16 May
CW’s The Flash sneak peak

This looks amazing. I’ve been a fan of the Flash since I was a little boy. I grew up with Wally West who was the second Flash, nephew of  Barry Allen. This is about Barry, a police scientist (CSI) who after a freak accident becomes the fastest man alive. From this preview it seems that it gives not only an explanation of how Barry acquired his powers but how other meta-humans are created. It’s a very inventive way of introducing super powers and reminds me of the meteor freaks from CW’s other DC series, Smallville.

John Wesley Shipp as the Flash

John Wesley Shipp as the Flash

This isn’t  the first time that The Flash has been on TV. In the 90s CBS aired a series starting John Wesley Shipp. He’s best known as the father from Dawson’s Creek. In the upcoming version he plays Barry’s father who’s wrongly imprisoned for the death of Barry’s mother. This appears to be the overarching plot that binds the series. It’s also interesting that  in both series his costume is practical as it’s  a suit that allows him to negate the effects of moving at high velocities. I’m speculating that the flash bolts on the new costume are communications devices.

The Flash has a very interesting Rogue’s gallery. There names and methods are very comic book like. Names like Captain Cold, Mirror Master, The Pied Piper, and others.  In the sneak peek it looks like an interpretation of another villain, Weather Wizard. In fact the yellow blur seems to be Professor Zoom also known as the Reverse Flash. He’s the worse of the Flash’s rogues gallery. He’s a murderer who has attempted to frame The Flash in the past. If he’s the true Professor Zoom he’s from the future that opens the possibility another villain Abra Kadabra and the cosmic treadmill, which allows The Flash to travel through time. What I find interesting is that the yellow blur seems to drop off younger Barry away from the scene of his mothers death.

Whatever they do with the track record of the CW this will be another hit and I really look to it’s debut this fall.

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